I am leasing a barn from friends of mine who purchased a home with an agility barn on the property.  Since they don’t need that side of the barn they are going to continue to rent the barn for agility. Judy Bluett and I, Juliette McMillan, run the barn. It is located on Homesteader Road in Wilsonville.

This is a private barn we are leasing.  Following are details about renting time with us. The terms are fairly flexible as want to make this agreement so people get the most out of their rental dollars. For $50/month you will get one hour of practice per week or $95/month for two one hour sessions of barn time, $30/month for one half hour, plus open practice for everyone, when the barn will be available to come practice three times a week. If you miss your barn time during a given week, you can contact Judy or Juliette to see if there is another time available that week which will work as a substitute.  No more than two people can practice together during a one hour session except during open practice times.  Only Jackson barn members are allowed to practice at the Jackson barn or to be inside the barn.

The barn will be available Monday – Saturday 8am-8pm.  Some evenings, Friday and Saturday are times when Antony Jackson might be working in the other side of the barn so there is possibility of hammering, welding, all sorts of building projects, noises that will go on.  Please be aware of this if you are interested in renting during those times. Open practice times are 2:30-6:30pm Fridays and 1:30-5:30 Saturdays.

Courses will be set up once a week on Tuesday evening. We will use course maps from Patty Bensene’s classes each week. There will be two to three nested course of varying levels and will change every week. We will take requests if there are particular skills you’d like to practice.  People renting will be allowed to move the courses as long as they are put back the way you found it at the end of your practice time.

If you would like to reserve a spot please contact Juliette to see if a time you would like is available. A liability form will be available at the barn to sign before you begin practicing.

Everyone interested in renting barn time will need to join Jackson barn for $10/year.  This will be due with your first months payment.  Monthly rent will be due on the 25th of each month prior to rent being due, eg. July 25th is the due date for August.  There is a rent collection box in the barn by the entry door.

Judy has developed a web site that has all this information, the current rental schedule and upcoming barn event news. Go to and check out whats coming!

Make checks out to: (there is a payment box at the barn so no need to mail it in)

Heads or Tails LLC

and send to:

Judy Bluett

1901 Kilkenny Rd

Lake Oswego, OR 97034


She also uses venmo for money transfers.

Feel free to call or email either one of us with questions.

Juliette McMillan