* IT IS THE RENTER’s responsibility to open the barn, turn off lights and close the door when leaving.

*Do not leaving barking dogs in your car, we do not want to disrupt the owners or neighbors. *Drive slowly (5mph) when entering and leaving the property. There are cats, dogs and humans walking the property. Please be mindful and not on your phone or have loud music playing.

*ONLY Jackson barn rental members are allowed inside the barn unless otherwise approved.

*DO NOT LET YOUR DOG OFF LEAD OUTSIDE THE BARN. UNLESS your dog is on the course, it shall be confined to a crate or x-pen, or under physical control by a lead.

* THE COURSE DESIGN will be set each week. Anyone desiring to change the course or training activity must move the equipment back to the original location. This includes training equipment. Equipment not being used will be stored on the opposite side of the entrance of the arena. Please put it away when you are finished with it.

* DOG FECAL material must be picked up and bagged and left in the garbage can inside the barn. DO NOT place plastic bags in the Portable Toilet. Handlers must spray any soiled areas inside the barn with the disinfectant spray bottle provided. Please do not leave food treats and material in the arena grounds.

* FEMALE DOGS IN HEAT are permitted within the barn area as long as they are wearing pants

* Renters must promptly report ALL incidents involving any injury to persons or animals, or property damage, to the Barn Manager.

*Do Not Enter any fenced pasture or the gated area.

*Stay well clear from any mechanized equipment, even if you think the operator sees you.

*You can open the pasture side sliding windows for ventilation if you understand their proper operation and your dogs do not bark a lot while inside.

*Please be courteous of others. Do not enter the barn before your designated time and be sure to leave promptly when your time is up.

*To schedule open time please contact Juliette or Judy to be sure we do not overlap people.